Marriott-Slaterville City is one of the few cities in Utah that operates under the "council-mayor" form of government. The powers of municipal government in Marriott-Slaterville City are vested in two separate, independent, and equal branches of municipal government consisting of the legislative branch composed of five city councilors, and the executive branch consisting of the mayor.

The Marriott-Slaterville City Council each year in January designates a Council President and a Council Vice-President. The Council President serves as the chair during city council meetings. The Vice-President serves as chair in absence of the Council President. The city council acts by majority vote. The mayor has no vote and is not a member of the city council. The mayor sits with the administrative staff during city council meetings and may provide comment to the city council at any time.

The city council has the power to make the law and adopt the budget, including imposing tax levies. The city council must act as a group in exercising its power, and has the ability to set policy, give advice and consent to the mayor's appointments, and control finances. The city council also maintains legislative oversight and investigative authority and may override a veto of the mayor.

The Marriott-Slaterville City Council holds its regular meeting on the third Thursday of each month at 6:30 PM. Special meetings and emergency meetings may be scheduled at other times as provided by law. Some meetings may be cancelled.

The city council is non-partisan. The term for each city councilor is four years. Two city council members are elected from each of the two election districts in the city. One council member is elected at-large.

City Council:

Erin Holley (West District), President

Dennis Illum (East District), Vice-President

Rob Smout (West District)

Delbert Hodson (East District)

Dee Christofferson (At-Large)

Contact: City Recorder, 801-627-1919 Ext. 202

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